Python & Pygame Tutorials

Here’s a list of the Python & Pygame Tutorials I’ve found the most useful:

1. Invent Games with Python – – Perfect for Command Line Games – thorough, but accessible

2. Making Games with Pygame – – My favorite tutorial out there … though as link number 4 will show, there are sometimes nicer ways to do some of the things they have you do

3. Learn Python the Hard Way – – Some people don’t particularly click with the way this guy does stuff, but I found it Super Helpful. The lessons themselves offer great explanations of concepts, and good code examples & exercises.

4. – Very accessible. Not necessarily the most thorough, but once you’re even a little bit comfy with Pygame, I’d recommend using this. It does some things with naming variables that I Really Like

5. Program Arcade Games with Python – – Not the most thorough in its explanations. I’d recommend this one only after having done the other ones

6. Official Pygame Docs – – Honestly, most of the Pygame docs that I’ve looked through so far are pretty awful … Sometimes they’re not. This also has a list of other tutorials that seem like they might be helpful

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