Recurse Center Day 4

Day 4 at Recurse Center:

I was really overwhelmed today … I got in a bit late, and was feeling a bit tired out.

I spent the beginning of the day looking up concepts that I’d heard of, but wasn’t familiar with.  Specifically:
REPL – Read Eval Print Loop
Singleton – Class limited to only one object- ex Game State for a MMO
Generators – An iterable sub-function that can pause*
Yield – The mechanism by which generators work in Python.  Doesn’t permanently end the function like Return

After that, I paired with Noella on porting 2048 to Pygame.  I wasn’t able to give much concrete advice, but I helped point her in the right direction & learned what someone might want from me in the future if they ask questions about Pygame or Pairing.

Right after that was Code Kata, which meant More Pairing.  That was awesome!!  We were working on a Strings-Based Calculator.  It was a good challenge and I learned a lot of new things:
-How to write a basic test using unittest
-How to combine string splitting, mapping and recursion to achieve the goal
-A potential List comprehensions solution
-The operator module

After that, we had a quick social for the new folks (like me!)

And then were presentations

So I didn’t get too much actual coding done today, but I really learned a lot.

Also, I’ve got an iPad now, which is really nice … I’ve got to get all the books I’m working through on it …

If I get comfy enough with Python, later in the batch I’d like to introduce myself to Django and/or iOS programming … but one focus at a time.

And I’m really looking forward to sleeping in tonight!!

*For a better explanation, see:

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