Recurse Center Week 2 Day 1

Got here early – not early enough for meditation
got some solid work done in Writing Idiomatic Python

Work got interrupted when stupid fucking computer started crashing

Worked on Pygame & Blitting & combining Blitting and Tile Mapping

Week 2 Day 1

Week 2 got off to a substantially better start than the end of week 1.  I actually sat down & got some solid coding work done today!!

Actually – looking at my list of things I got done, it *looks* like I got less done … but here’s what I was up to today:
-Narrowly missed meditation
-Was there for check-in, which is helpfully game/graphics themed
-Worked through more of Writing Idiomatic Python (THIS BOOK IS THE BEST!!!)
-Had to deal with some random computer issues
-Reinforced Blitting in Pygame
-Learned how to blit a cropped section of an image
-Made a template for blitting a moveable image
-Worked on (and got stuck with) combining Blitting and Tile Mapping

Then I had to head home to get my cello for rehearsal (forgot to bring it with me in the morning), and barely made it back in time for the evening talk

For Tomorrow:
-I have to look up filter and lambda
-I may spend some time working on creating a Sublime Snippet
-Or learning how to make a Python module & incorporate that into a project (my understanding of this is a bit on the fuzzy side)
-Continue working on the Blit + Tile mapping challenge.  If I don’t get it on my own, then ask Tom or someone else to pair on it.
-More time w/ Writing Idiomatic Python & Python Cookbook
-Get at least 2 hrs. of coding work done
-Allow myself to take breaks, so I don’t get overwhelmed

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