Week 3 Day 2 – Stumbling

Today (well, yesterday at this point) was a bit of a stumbling day … I finally made it in for Meditation!!  That was wonderfully helpful, and gave me a sense of calm & ease throughout the day.  I started off my day watching a wonderful talk by Kate Heddleston called “How Our Engineering Environments are Killing Diversity & How We Can Fix It”.  I wrote up some Notes on it.  After that, I frustratedly stumbled around in different Pygame Tutorials figuring out where to go next … I’ve got a light path now (I’m working on incorporating Blitting, non-naive tile mapping & Sprites).

I’ve got some soldier-y types from opengameart.org – so I’m gonna have a unit of them go back and forth (and rotate), and then I’ll have a Player Character and some sort of Health Bar … eventually, I’ll add in mouse control, and have some sort of attack/weapon type thing.  I changed my approach to the background … before I was using a Tile Map to Generate it … now I’m using a similar nested for loop, but without parsing the map (just increment a determined number of times & fill the whole background up).  The formula for that is just gameWidth / tileWidth, and gameHeight / tileHeight (so then it will always auto-fill the whole screen).  I’m really excited that I’m getting Sprites a bit more now – though they’re still a bit wonky in usage.

So, after doing some Pygame work, I went to the gym (and stopped by like every clothing store on the way back – oops!) & had to run out for a rehearsal … which was conveniently by the NYC Python Meetup – so I hung there for a bit, got a bit of work done & then came back to the Recurse Center, only to find my computer was hanging at startup & so I had to spend a couple of hours Refreshing it & installing all of my apps & games & stuff from scratch … that was not cool

Today, I’m gonna stick with Pygame & just continue down the path from yesterday as much as possible.  My goals are to have implemented Sprite Functionality, and to have something that starts to look like it could be a game.  Stretch goal is to implement non-naive tile mapping.

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