Week 7 – What I’m Working On

It’s been a While since I’ve had a chance to do a Blog Update … btwn. Recurse Center & life outside, I’ve been kept pretty busy, and haven’t really had the extra energy to write up blog posts

But anyway, here’s some stuff I’m working on at present (with varying levels of focus on any one specific thing):

Kivy – Python GUI Library, that is much easier to use than Pygame – just finished Rereading the Docs, and now gonna go through a few tutorials. It’s written with Mobile and other alternate Interfaces in mind! I’d like to make a Rhythm Game and other simple games.  Going to pair with Noella on 2048 next week
Operating System Concepts – Reading this awesome book (you can find a PDF of it). The first chapter is about physical computer architecture and the structures/implications of that. I’m almost through with it & vastly looking forward to all the rest of the book. It’s really nice to have some understanding of what’s Actually going on in a computer when we do stuff/program

Test Driven Development – Learning this for the first time. Using Obey the Testing Goat. The Python side is written mostly in Django, so it’s great – I’m picking up some incidental Django along the way.  As I get further with this, I’ll through some learning about Agile Development into the mix more.

BitTorrent Client – Working on Network Programming, with the End Goal of building a BitTorrent Client by the time my batch ends.
Upcoming things to work on (ie Summer Projects):
Flask – Python Web Apps
Bottle – Understanding Web APIs (My friend Piper gave me an intro the other day)
Javascript & Jquery – Learning a language with a Friend
HTML & CSS – I already know these.  So Brush Up & Maaaybe learn some PHP??
Unity – Standard 3d Game Engine

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