Writing A Custom Template In WordPress

I’ve done a bit of WordPress work in the past: Design, updates & small maintenance, Saving a Website that had totally crashed and gone down (I literally had to transfer & reconstruct the whole Database on that one!!).  It’s something I very much enjoy doing (even when it’s stressful) and I always learn something from it.

Recently, I had to design a Custom Template for a Website, so that they could have a 2nd Blog on their page that pooled from a Specific Category of Posts.  While the solution wasn’t terribly complex, I had to read up on a lot of the documentation & learn about how the WordPress Engine works.

On top of that, it was really the first time I had worked in PHP & I had to spend some time reading PDFs and tutorials to pick up the syntax & feel of PHP.

You can see the Template Here & I’m really glad I got a chance to do this.  It sets up the foundation for developing my PHP skills further, and – along with improving my Javascript, CSS, etc – it helps me move further towards my career goal of having enough skills, proficiency and portfolio to get hired as a Junior Web Dev.  I’d also like to write my own Plugin & Custom Theme one day.

And hey – if it helps bring in some Freelance Web Design work in the meantime, that can’t hurt either!!  Maybe after I write a Theme or two, I can make a Premium Theme & get some Residual Income for myself … can’t hurt to try!

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