Making Progress

I’ve been making Good Progress towards my Goal of becoming a Junior Web Developer.  I still have a lot to go, but I’m on a track & getting closer to it.

This past Week & a Half, I did a WordPress job that should have been really simple.  I just had to Create Custom Post Types & Duplicate/Mimic a Template for those Posts & their Single.

Because I didn’t already know PHP & didn’t really deeply understand a lot of the Back Engine of WordPress, this job took me Way Longer than it should have.   But, I learned So Much in the process & now I have a Very Solid understanding of the Back Engine of WordPress & I’ve learned some PHP in just a few short days!!

Since I have this experience now, a job like this would be easy for me, and I’ll know how not to Break things.  So, I feel so much more confident.  And I’m closer to my Goal of writing my own WordPress Theme & my own Custom Plugins!!

The next WordPress Job I’m doing is a basic site design for a Classical Musician & it’s the perfect project for me to define some CSS & improve my skills with that, and then just plug it into the basic structure of WordPress, and Modify that as Needed.

I’m so grateful for this & I’m really looking forward to what this area holds for me in the future.  I really like working with WordPress (even when it’s Frustrating) & I hope I get to do a lot more working with it 🙂

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