Contributing To Open Source Software

One of the challenges as a Newish Developer is building Skills & gaining Experience.  One of the most common ways to do this, and one of my favorite parts of the Programming Community is Open Source Software (OSS)!

I’ve been slowly trying to dip my feet into contributing to OSS (while juggling the rest of life’s tasks).  There can be a huge Barrier to Entry for newer programmers with contributing to OSS.  Code Bases are often pretty large & confusing.  They take a while to get used to, and there’s often no explicit clear path to contributing.

So far I’ve made a single contribution to OSS Software: I updated a line in Zulip’s Documentation to help make the Build Instructions more explicit.

Here’s some projects I have my eye on.  They all have very nice guidelines for how Beginners can contribute:

RSVP Bot (Doesn’t have Guidelines, but does have a very accessible code base)
Pants (This one’s a little more off the deep end for me)
Zulip (Again – a little more off the Deep End, but they have useful guidelines)

If you know of other very accessible projects, feel free to leave them in the comments & I’ll add them here!!

Other Resources:

A Beginner’s Guide to Open Source – Making Your First Contribution
Hacktober Fest – List of Projects

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