SQLite & The Joy of Learning Databases!!

I don’t know why it took so long to get to this point, but: DATABASES!!

I started learning SQLite yesterday & have been able to put together enough knowledge to get my Mood Tracker app fully functioning.

Learning Databases is something I’ve wanted to do for the last few years – I’ve done some WordPress work here & there, and the Database is a very Integral part of WordPress. I’ve had a job or two where I’ve had to rescue a website, or restore/backup from a Database. It was always a struggle because I didn’t have the foundational knowledge.

Enter Python:

The last few apps I’ve been working on have all been things that involve Lists & Manipulating Lists & presenting them to the user. More importantly, they need to Save State between uses. It turns out that Lists & Dictionaries are actually pretty terrible for this. Either you end up saving them in file (which for anything that’s ever expanding, is really not a great idea), or you save them to a Text File of some sort. Before I started on SQLite, I tried saving them to a straight Text File, and I tried JSON Dumping them, but it really gave me very limited flexibility to Present & Edit them the way I wanted.

Enter Databases:
All of a sudden, I have this powerful & flexible tool that I can throw queries into & it just works (in a way that Text Files/JSON didn’t)!! More importantly, I’ve taken a step into another language/tool that’s very commonly used in Back End Development.

More Importantly than any of that though: I’ve discovered something I Love that makes my Eyes Light Up. And really – What More Could I Ask For??

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