Learning Linux

Recently I had an interview where 3 things came up:
1. My online presence specifically presenting Programming & not IT things
2. My Networking Knowledge could really use some filling in
3. My Linux & Bash & Scripting knowledge also needed filling in.

This interview was a great motivation & I started Diving in Deep to Networking & the Linux Comand Line (Free PDF)

So I’m finally learning Linux after years of an aversion to it. It’s a great tool (though I’d pretty much never use it for non-technical End User things). Bash is so damn powerful, and Shell Scripting (Great Accessible Intro)  is the coolest!!

It’s improved my understanding of Programming things a lot, and the reason it’s accessible in the first place is because I did a batch at The Recurse Center, and my programming skills greatly improved. Parsing Linux would have been much harder prior to now.

And Shell Scripting is The Bomb (If I may borrow an expression from the 90s)!!  I’m glad I’m doing this. It’s one more tool under my belt, and it’s one more community I can connect with.

I love how everything in Tech is interconnected & how improving in one area improves everything else too!!

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