Networking – What I’ve been working on the last 3 weeks.

3 weeks ago I started working to improve my Techie Skills. This started off with learning The Linux Command Line (which I’m still Diving In Deep too), and then expanded to include Networking (OSI/TCP-IP/DoD Layer Models, Subnetting, Routing, Tunneling, etc), SQL Databases (in the context of SSMS), Windows Server (Powershell, Active Directory).

I was really lucky while I was doing this to find the videos on In particular, I’d strongly recommend the COMPTIA Network+ videos.  They’re the most accessible resource I’ve found for learning Networking. I’d also recommend Up & Running with Powershell 5. Learning SQL Databases turned out to be less interesting (since I’ve already worked w/ SQLite & MySQL in the context of Python & WordPress programming), but finding out about Microsoft’s SQL Server Management System (SSMS) tool was really useful!!

By the way, Ops School Curriculum is another great resource for Networking & all the rest of this.  It’s got the perfect balance between Depth & Accessibility, and is a really great launching point that’s also useful for filling things in here & there!

Somewhere in the middle of this, I learned about Software as a Service and that I could just go over to AWS & set up an instance of Windows Server 2012 – talk about Game Changing! I also learned about Microsoft’s Technet Eval. Center where IT professionals can get 90-120 Day trial versions of things like Windows Server – talk about useful!! I tried setting it up as a VM on my computer, and while that worked well enough, I don’t really have enough RAM to run things Natively & then also run a VM – so AWS is a much better option

Meanwhile, on the Linux front, I started using Linux Mint, and I set up/tore down a LAMP stack (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) twice. I learned way more the 2nd time, as I had to manually clean up a lot of the things that the package management system failed to uninstall/reset. I’m planning to do this FTP, Email & DNS Servers, as well as taking another stab at setting up NGINX (harder than it looks!) Linux Mint is my favorite, because it’s GUI & Visual Presentation is wonderful & it works great out of the box. Which is Ironic, given that I’ve primarily worked with it via the command line!!

So that’s been the last 3 weeks. I’m heading into the Powershell Scripting Vids. next, and continuing to go through the Linux Command Line book while on the train, and fitting in some Active Directory learning while I’m at it too – the more the better!!

Hopefully you’ll find some of these Resources as useful as I have!!

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