Current Coding Projects (February 2016)

Current Coding Projects:
1.  Working on a Code Test
2.  Learning jQuery (and javascript) so I can do my best to get into that internship
3.  Working on building VLC Media Player on my computer so I can contribute & apply to Outreachy

1.  I’m stuck & have been considering jumping over to the front-end test (this aligns well with #2 – as long as I finish one of them soon.)
2.  I’m really enjoying learning a new language … boy do I have to keep up the pace tho!!
3.  Damn am I in over my head, but VLC’s Wiki is fairly wonderful (I’d give it an 8/10) & I’m learning a ton!  

The VLC project I want to work on is the Personal Cloud Project.  Which means I need HTML & javascript, and possibly (I’m gonna say probably) C … I don’t know C, but I did teach myself some C & C++ in high school, and at this point, there’s no reason I can’t pick it up quickly if necessary

VideoLAN Wiki


There are some parts where VLC’s Wiki just really needs some additional information.  There’s also 1 or 2 typos (which I was able to work around, but someone else might get stumped by)

Debian’s List of Projects was initially a bit better in content, but much worse in Visual Presentation.  So I’d give it a 7/10.

I chose VLC, because I can stick with Windows (which I’m most comfortable using right now & I’ve done all of my development work on – cuz it’s what I own)

The VideoLAN & Debian guides are the only accessible guides I’ve found so far (GNOME’s was ok).

One thing I like about VLC is that it has a handful of Mini Projects listed that might be good for someone just looking to dip their feet into the water

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