I have an Addictive Personality: I love Reading, I love Learning & I love Interesting Discussions.  I also love Problem Solving, Coding & Designing.  Lately the first 3 have been getting in the way of the last 2 – this is a problem since I have projects, jobs & applications that need to get done.  So I’m iterating on how to organize the chaos that is my mind.

Current Rules:

  1. No Facebook or Tumblr in the morning.  Read Medium instead.
  2. Tumblr & Facebook are blocked on StayFocusd.  Time Limit: 90 min.
  3. Use Facebook & Tumblr one-directionally whenever possible (Post – Don’t Read)
  4. Keep a maximum of 3 Sublime Text Projects open at any given time.
  5. Use Asana to account for the possibility of forgetting ideas/projects
  6. Daily Email Schedule – Only check email during those times
  7. Filter & unsubscribe from all unnecessary & recurring emails
  8. Turned off Badge Notifications for Facebook & Email


Considerations & Drawbacks:

  1.  Medium is potentially as high of a time waster as Facebook/Tumblr.  It’s also a better time waster because I’m reading content tailored to the skills I need to build
  2. There are a lot of interesting things on Medium, perhaps make a rule to check the Design Tag, and maybe a Programming Tag too.
  3. That may be too much allowed time for StayFocusd.  Cutting back time may cut off necessary/beneficial socialization
  4. How many times Should I check my Email a day?  What about missing urgent/conversational communications?


That’s what I’ve  got for now… I’ll keep iterating & adding rules as I find them necessary!