Organizing Chaos

I have an Addictive Personality: I love Reading, I love Learning & I love Interesting Discussions.  I also love Problem Solving, Coding & Designing.  Lately the first 3 have been getting in the way of the last 2 – this is a problem since I have projects, jobs & applications that need to get done.  So I’m iterating on how to organize the chaos that is my mind.

Current Rules:

  1. No Facebook or Tumblr in the morning.  Read Medium instead.
  2. Tumblr & Facebook are blocked on StayFocusd.  Time Limit: 90 min.
  3. Use Facebook & Tumblr one-directionally whenever possible (Post – Don’t Read)
  4. Keep a maximum of 3 Sublime Text Projects open at any given time.
  5. Use Asana to account for the possibility of forgetting ideas/projects
  6. Daily Email Schedule – Only check email during those times
  7. Filter & unsubscribe from all unnecessary & recurring emails
  8. Turned off Badge Notifications for Facebook & Email

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Current Coding Projects (February 2016)

Current Coding Projects:
1.  Working on a Code Test
2.  Learning jQuery (and javascript) so I can do my best to get into that internship
3.  Working on building VLC Media Player on my computer so I can contribute & apply to Outreachy

1.  I’m stuck & have been considering jumping over to the front-end test (this aligns well with #2 – as long as I finish one of them soon.)
2.  I’m really enjoying learning a new language … boy do I have to keep up the pace tho!!
3.  Damn am I in over my head, but VLC’s Wiki is fairly wonderful (I’d give it an 8/10) & I’m learning a ton!   Continue reading “Current Coding Projects (February 2016)”

WordPress: Customizing the Admin Menu

There’s lots of great reasons great reasons to customize the Admin Menu in WordPress. Here’s a couple of methods to do that:
1.  Use a plugin like:
2.  Modify your functions.php file (usually located in wp-content/themes/theme_name/):
3.  Make a Plugin to do this:

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Python: Dispatching Functions From A Dictionary

I was updating the Readme files for some of my python projects and started looking through my Mood Tracker code.  While reading over it, I couldn’t help wondering: “Could you cut out the If/Else statements in the menu, and call the functions from a dictionary instead?”

Turn’s out the answer’s Yes!!

Here’s how you Dispatch A Function From A Dictionary In Python

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Python: Inheriting Methods From A Parent Class

Recently I’ve been working on a refactor of my PyPet Game.  I wrote the original code a long time ago, and didn’t understand Sub-classing* super well.  I understand the mechanics a lot better now.  Except I got stumped on trying to take the Method from the parent class.

Stack Overflow – Call a Parent Class Method from Child Class in Python

*To get the gyst of subclassing:  In my PyPet game I have 5 different pet types (Cat, Rat, Mouse, Bunny, Turtle).  Those Pets all have some common attributes (name, hungry, starved, bored, upset, violent, sleepy, awake/asleep) & common methods**  to output messages (like “I’m hungry” or “Pay attention to me”).

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How To Make Programming More Accessible: Accessibility in Programming Tutorials, Guides & Documentation

Programming is unnecessarily unfriendly to newer programmers.  We can make it better through simple optimizations.  This is the First of a Series of blog posts where I’ll be exploring that!

I’ve been learning programming very steadily for the last year, and there’s something that bothers me a lot: There is an unnecessarily steep learning curve for beginners – especially people who are self-taught!  A learning curve makes sense – programming is a very technical, complex & intricate craft.  It’s a very big skillset to develop, and it takes a long time.  But we’re making it unnecessarily hard for our new people – and on top of that, it’s an accessibility issue*.

Two common problems that tend to come up for new developers: many tutorials don’t define their terms; and almost everything seems to have lots of unstated dependencies. Continue reading “How To Make Programming More Accessible: Accessibility in Programming Tutorials, Guides & Documentation”