CSS Isn’t Black Magic – Understanding Browser Rendering of CSS

I just came across this really amazing article by Aimee Marie Knight, called CSS Isn’t Black Magic, that explains how CSS Rendering works in the browser, as well as the CSSOM (CSS Object Model) and the CSS stack(s). One great thing is that it expands on how specificity works, and what gets prioritized – which is really important for targeting tags and elements, and knowing which css portions will be effective in making the changes you want.

I thought I’d developed a pretty solid knowledge and understanding of CSS by now, but this is a whole new area I wasn’t really aware of, and it’s really integral to writing great CSS code.

I highly recommend giving it a read!


Fixing Sublime Text 3’s CSS Comments

I’ve been doing a lot of web design work lately, and I’ve noticed that Sublime Text 3 has this really weird quirk with CSS comments.  When you press Ctrl+/ you get a strange your comment comes out like this /*This is a Comment*/ instead of like this /* This is a Comment */

Since it’s Sublime Text, I knew it had to be possible to reconfigure this. After asking a friend or two (special thanks to Kara McNair), and doing some digging, here’s the solution, using Package Control & Package Resource Viewer: Continue reading “Fixing Sublime Text 3’s CSS Comments”

Writing A Custom Template In WordPress

I’ve done a bit of WordPress work in the past: Design, updates & small maintenance, Saving a Website that had totally crashed and gone down (I literally had to transfer & reconstruct the whole Database on that one!!).  It’s something I very much enjoy doing (even when it’s stressful) and I always learn something from it.

Recently, I had to design a Custom Template for a Website, so that they could have a 2nd Blog on their page that pooled from a Specific Category of Posts.  While the solution wasn’t terribly complex, I had to read up on a lot of the documentation & learn about how the WordPress Engine works.

On top of that, it was really the first time I had worked in PHP & I had to spend some time reading PDFs and tutorials to pick up the syntax & feel of PHP.

You can see the Template Here & I’m really glad I got a chance to do this.  It sets up the foundation for developing my PHP skills further, and – along with improving my Javascript, CSS, etc – it helps me move further towards my career goal of having enough skills, proficiency and portfolio to get hired as a Junior Web Dev.  I’d also like to write my own Plugin & Custom Theme one day.

And hey – if it helps bring in some Freelance Web Design work in the meantime, that can’t hurt either!!  Maybe after I write a Theme or two, I can make a Premium Theme & get some Residual Income for myself … can’t hurt to try!

What I’m working on & Summer Plans

It’s the beginning of the last week of my batch at The Recurse Center.  It’s incredible and I can’t believe that it’s almost over.  When I got here, I entered with a pretty narrow scope: I was interested in Game Development & working in Python & wanted to go deeper into the internals/mechanics of that while solidifying my knowledge of it.  I’ve done all of those things to varying degrees, but my time at The Recurse Center has made it clear that the programming world is so much more vast than I ever imagined (which considering my imagination, is actually pretty impressive).  I’ve often found myself thinking of The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” – I’m really at the beginning of this journey, and I know enough to know a little, but “There is more to see than can ever be seen.  More to do than can ever be done!!”.  So as much as I’m going to intensely miss Recurse Center (I’ll still be back for alumni times), I’m really looking forward to a new beginning.  I’ve kind of gotten a head start on that actually.

For the summer, I’m working on the following:

Continue reading “What I’m working on & Summer Plans”

Week 7 – What I’m Working On

It’s been a While since I’ve had a chance to do a Blog Update … btwn. Recurse Center & life outside, I’ve been kept pretty busy, and haven’t really had the extra energy to write up blog posts

But anyway, here’s some stuff I’m working on at present (with varying levels of focus on any one specific thing):

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