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Fixing Sublime Text 3’s CSS Comments — March 2, 2016

Fixing Sublime Text 3’s CSS Comments

I’ve been doing a lot of web design work lately, and I’ve noticed that Sublime Text 3 has this really weird quirk with CSS comments.  When you press Ctrl+/ you get a strange your comment comes out like this /*This is a Comment*/ instead of like this /* This is a Comment */

Since it’s Sublime Text, I knew it had to be possible to reconfigure this. After asking a friend or two (special thanks to Kara McNair), and doing some digging, here’s the solution, using Package Control & Package Resource Viewer: Continue reading

Being A Programmer & An IT Person — November 14, 2015

Being A Programmer & An IT Person

Recently, at a job interview, I was asked if I was more of a Programmer or an IT person. I felt pretty confused by this question, and my answer is both. I am & always have been a generalist – I may be a generalist with a few specialties, but the way I see it, everything is inter-related. My passion for Programming & my passion for Tech Support both come from the same place: I like making things work, and I like fixing things when they break. With programming, there’s a more creative side to it, with Tech Support there’s a more Mechanical side to it (which is not to say that each side is exclusively one or the other). Continue reading

SQLite & The Joy of Learning Databases!! — October 29, 2015

SQLite & The Joy of Learning Databases!!

I don’t know why it took so long to get to this point, but: DATABASES!!

I started learning SQLite yesterday & have been able to put together enough knowledge to get my Mood Tracker app fully functioning.

Learning Databases is something I’ve wanted to do for the last few years – I’ve done some WordPress work here & there, and the Database is a very Integral part of WordPress. I’ve had a job or two where I’ve had to rescue a website, or restore/backup from a Database. It was always a struggle because I didn’t have the foundational knowledge. Continue reading

The Importance of Practice Logs — July 1, 2015

The Importance of Practice Logs

I’m coming to Computer Programming from the background of having worked as a Professional Musician for 10-11 years.  I played the cello & have a pretty unique story.  I started when I was 16 – which is considered late for someone to start cello & play professionally.  A lot of people might say that I progressed due to Talent.  While it’s accurate to say that I do have some talent – particularly in the areas of Learning & Expression & Outside the Box Desires & Approaches, people who say I progressed as fast as I did because of talent would be wrong.  My progression was a combination of a couple of factors: I put a lot of time and effort into analyzing how to play & how music work, I practiced as much as possible & I spent about all of my free time learning about cello & cellists & music.  In some ways I have the Hyperfocus, obsessiveness & compulsiveness that can come with ADHD to thank for this, but underneath that, there was this extreme deep love and passion that fueled all this.  While there have certainly been other things I’ve fallen in love with (Learning Hebrew for example), I’ve never loved anything as totally as I love music & playing cello.  I come alive inside in a completely different way from anything else.

Continue reading

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